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Top Features a Contractor Website Must Have

It is important to operate a website for marketing your services if you’re a contractor. You could be involved in roofing, plumbing, or landscaping, but operating a functional company website can help grow your business in the market and boost your revenues. Yet, the online success of these types of businesses is dependent on adherence to certain best practices for contractor websites.

Read on to find out about vital, standard elements that should be included in your contractor website:

Attractive Design
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Looks play an important role when it comes to company websites. It helps for the design and layout of your site to showcase your brand in good light while online. Prospective customers are likely to view a website in positive light if it’s poorly designed.
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Intuitive Design

Potential customers must not find it tricky to navigate around different parts of your website. Navigation of your website must be intuitive so that visitors don’t always need to refer to somewhere to learn about where they ought to be to perform actions important to your business such as inquire, order, or register.

Reactive Design

Recent statistics show that the majority of web traffic is coming from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Nevertheless, the site you deploy for access through desktops should be different from the site for access via small mobile devices to resolve possible navigation and readability concerns. In addition, creating and operating two different websites, one for desktop visitors and the other for mobile traffic, usually costs more.

Reactive design is the best strategy for netting maximum traffic from both mobile and desktop sources. This type of design involves creating one website with the capability to transform its features, like navigation and fonts, to match the display of the visitor’s device.

Good Content and SEO

After creating a website, great content will give it life and meaning. As such, provide valuable onsite content that drives visitors into making a desired move. This content must be optimized around certain keywords that potential customers are typing on Google while looking for the type of service you’re offering. This method of optimizing content leads to higher search page results rankings and in the end, increased relevant web traffic.

Company Portfolio

When you need to win new customers, a strategy that can help earn their trust is featuring a portfolio that exhibits your past projects and customers. In the event that new customers visit your website and learn that your previous customers are pleased with the quality of your work, that’s your portfolio giving you an inestimable endorsement without charging a thing.

One must follow the best practices for contractor websites to stand a chance of giving their web-based business a valuable and profitable existence.

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